10 Ideas Journal

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What is it?

The Roosevelt National Network’s annual 10 Ideas Journal compiles 10 student-developed policy proposals from Roosevelt chapters across the country. Contestants can submit their policy proposal in one of seven categories: Healthcare, Human Rights, Democratic Access, Economic Development, Foreign Policy, and Energy and Environment. Roosevelt@Columbia members who are interested in submitting to the 2019-2020 10 Ideas journal should contact Andreea Calin at aic2133@barnard.edu.


Previous winners from Roosevelt at Columbia University


Maeve Flaherty: “To Pee or Not to Pee: Creating a Public-Private Restroom Partnership to Expand Access to Sanitary Restrooms in New York City” (Human Rights)

Sinead Hunt: “Expanding Access to Life-Saving Hepatitis C Treatment by Removing Discriminatory Sobriety Restrictions” (Healthcare)


Clara Harter: “Protecting Refugee Resettlement in Michigan: The Private Sponsorship Solution” (Foreign Policy)

Leopold Aschenbrenner and Hannah Healy: “Modern Mobility for All: A Universal Ticket for NYC’s Subway System” (Economic Development)


Cameron Davis: “Innocent Until Proven Guilty: A Solution for America’s Failed Military Transparency” (Foreign Policy)

Caravaggio Canigalia: “Lowering Livery Vehicle Emissions: The Taxi Industry as a Model for Uber and Lyft” (Energy and Environment)

Rachel Knowles: “Eliminating Political Bias in Death Penalty Sentencing: Ending Judicial Override” (Human Rights)

Ali Fraerman and Connor Haseley: “Equal Justice For More: Putting Intermediaries In Courtrooms” (Human Rights)


Nicole Felmus: “Leveling Educational Opportunities: Integrating NYC High Schools” (Education)


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