About Foreign Policy:

Center Director: Catherine Serianni

Contact Information: ces2257@columbia.edu

The Foreign Policy center is interested in a wide range of foreign issues as they relate to the U.S.; and this broad political arena allows us to delve into issues in which our members are particularly interested.  This year we are exploring the presence of foreign policy issues as they manifest at Columbia—particularly the immigration and the Israel/Palestine debates—but we are open to examining new ideas, debates, and conflicts!  In the past, the Center has produced a podcast surrounding various foreign policy issues—often recruiting professors to speak about issues within their field. This year we hope to unpack major foreign policy debates through short videos, aiming to represent all facets of the conversation from many voices. We are interested in the utility of the arts to express complex issues, and are excited to involve new ideas and talents into our cohort.

Previous Publications:

2018-2019 Roosevelt Review

Reducing Maritime Transportation Pollution: A Template For International Collaboration on Sectoral Emissions Reduction? by Connor Haseley

2017-2018 Roosevelt Review

Rethinking Military Aid: Against Funding the Abuse of Children in Foreign Detention Centers by Meher Malik

Breaking the Ice: Modernizing America's Icebreaker Fleet by Justin Holiman

Accounting for the Uncounted: The National Security Imperative for Recording and Compensating Civilian Casualties in Iraq and Syria by Clara Harter

Successfully Maneuvering the United States in an Age of Private Spaceflight Companies by Ben Kaplan