About Democratic Access:

The Democratic Access Center, led by Center Director Marion Gibson, boasts the purview of public policy topics pertinent to almost all facets of American political life. We seek to investigate the issues that limit participation in government and silence the voices of the American people, specifically marginalized communities. Whether focusing on the inconsistency of voter ID laws across states, the impacts of corporate lobby groups, available avenues for campaign finance reform, or potential constitutional amendments regarding Senate confirmation of Supreme Court justices, a discussion hosted by the Democratic Access Center is sure to encompass hallmark public policy issues.

This year, the Democratic Access Center will continue to partner with Let NY Vote, a statewide coalition of grassroots organizations fighting to make New York elections more secure, fair, and accessible. During this 2018 midterm election cycle, we are also working with the Columbia Voting Week Committee and exploring different avenues to increase voter registration and voter engagement both on campus and in the surrounding Morningside Heights community. We welcome new members to bring their ideas on all topics regarding democratic access. Contact Marion (mmg2212@barnard.edu) if you want to get involved!

Previous Publications: 

2018-2019 Roosevelt Review

Prisoner Voting Rights in New York by Tanisha Aggarwal

Local Office, Local Money by Marion Gibson

Increasing Accountability in the House of Representatives by Limiting Fundraising by Emma Cloyd

2017-2018 Roosevelt Review

New York's Democratic Stain: The Unconstitutionality of Parolee Disenfranchisement by Zachary Kimmel

Protecting Voting Rights in Texas: Expanding Accessibility for Minority Language Speakers by Ricardo Jaramillo

Ballots Behind Bars: Re-enfranchising Former Felons in Florida by Michael Pusic

Increasing Female Representation Through Transitioning to Multi-Member District in State Legislatures by Emma Cloyd 

A Federal Time Off to Vote Policy that Works for All Workers by Emma Warner

Low Voter Turnout: A Corporate Solution to a Public Crisis by Lindsay Meyerson