About Education:

Center Director: Avery Beard

Contact Information: ab4737@columbia.edu

The Education Center, led by Center director Avery Beard, concentrates on issues of educational equality at Columbia, in New York City, and beyond. As students, we have a unique perspective to bring to educational policy, particularly at the university level. Over the past year, we have worked alongside the Economic Development Center to propose an Advisory Committee for Socially Responsible Investing (ACSRI) at Barnard. We also held discussions that ranged from early childhood education, such as the growing cost of childcare in America and children with special needs, to the increasing difficulties of financing higher education. In the upcoming school year, we hope to draft divestment proposals regarding the university’s endowment, partnering with other on-campus groups to ensure that Columbia and Barnard’s investments reflect the values of their student body. We also plan to research the educational policies of 2020 candidates and to lobby for some of these proposals through letter-writing campaigns.

Previous Publications: 

2018-2019 Roosevelt Review

Recess: More Then Just Fun by Emma Cloyd

Federally Funded, Locally Distributed Fully Universal Pre-K by Carolyn Kelly

Providing Better Support for Columbia College & Engineering Students: Guaranteed Housing and Taking a Leave of Absence by Shirley Tan

2017-2018 Roosevelt Review

Funding Women's Education: A Step Towards Peace & Security by Lindsay Meyerson

Responding to Distant Disaster: Funding the Education of Child Refugees in Cash-Strapped Connecticut School Districts by Maeve Flaherty

Leveling the Playing Field: How Columbia Can Stop Hurting Its Low-Income Students by Troy Brown

Requiring Civics Education in New York City Public Schools by Rosie Moss

Health for All: Instituting Mandatory Health Education at Columbia University by Carolyn Kelly

Implementing Individualized Professional Development for Teachers to Improve Student Outcomes in New York City by Nicole Felmus

"Where do Tomatoes Come From?" The Need for Agricultural Education in New York City Public Schools by Lexie Lehmann