About Energy and the Environment:

Policy Center Directors: Sasha Weber, Morgan Margulies

Contact Information: sew2195@barnard.edu, mlm2335@columbia.edu

The Columbia University Roosevelt Institute’s Energy and Environment Center is focused on creating, evaluating, and advocating for policy changes improving environmental sustainability. We will focus on strategies to mitigate the social, economic, and catastrophic impacts of climate change and other forms of environmental degradation.Last year, the center ran a campaign urging Columbia University to commit to carbon neutrality. A process that lasted over two years culminated in success as Columbia announced its intent to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.We are currently working on creating a partnership with Columbia’s Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes to collaborate on a policy initiative. We also hope to take a group trip to an urban farm to learn more about food production in our increasingly urban world.

Previous Publications:

2018-2019 Roosevelt Review

Climate Change and the Grid: Addressing Texas’ Utility Grid Vulnerabilities by Ricardo Jaramillo

Decarbonize to Demilitarize Local Law Enforcement Agencies by Morgan Margulies

Give Them Some Space: Banning the Intense Confinement of Animals in American Food Production by Arianna Menzelos

Redirecting RGGI: Increasing Energy Efficiency in the Granite State by Eric Scheuch

2017-2018 Roosevelt Review

Taking Steps Towards a Smaller Carbon Footprint: Helping Students Achieve Carbon Neutrality by Meredith Harris & Arianna Menzelos

Urban Vertical Farming: Bringing Sustainability to Agriculture by Adekunle Balogun

Tampa's Vulnerability: The Need for Immediate Flood Policy Implementation by Marion Gibson

Environmental Justice in New York: Increasing Air Quality in Low Income Neighborhoods by Adekunle Balogun