About Healthcare:

Center Director: Roxanna Pasquier

Contact Information: rmp2190@barnard.edu

The Columbia University Roosevelt Institute’s Healthcare Center, led by Center Director Roxanna Pasquier, focuses on policy issues relevant to public health, healthcare finance, behavioral health and reproductive rights. In the past, the Center has facilitated discussions around a wide breadth of health policy topics, including supervised injection sites, racial disparities in maternal morbidity and mortality, and single payer healthcare, among others. In addition, in the spring semester, the Center organized a letter writing campaign to advocate for expanded access to hepatitis C medication for New York Medicaid recipients. This year, the Center would like to continue ongoing work to consider the effects of social identity (age, gender, race, ability, legal status, etc.) on individual healthcare access and health outcomes. Moreover, this year, the center seeks to recognize food security, housing security, and other fundamentals of physical and psychological well-being as healthcare.