About Economic Development:

Center Director: Geena Garcia

Contact Information: gmg2166@barnard.edu

The Economic Development Center, led by Center Director Geena Garcia, focuses on economic policy issues that range from local and campus questions like Columbia’s role in the economic development of Morningside Heights, to national and global issues like Trump’s trade war and tariff policies. The Center has held discussions on a wide variety of topics, including antitrust laws, rural poverty, free trade deals, and campus issues like the financial aid system and the university’s investments. Authors for the Center have written policy pieces addressing issues such as food deserts and tax reform. For the past year, the Center has worked with the Education Center to lead the campaign to establish an Advisory Committee for Socially Responsible Investing at Barnard. This year, the Center looks forward to successfully completing this initiative, and to continuing to engage students with Columbia’s and Barnard’s investments. 

Previous Publications: 

2018-2019 Roosevelt Review

Community-Targeted Solutions to Food Deserts in NYC: Strengthening the Healthy Bodegas Initiative by Ji Hoon Ko

2017-2018 Roosevelt Review

For Want of a Trail: Using Outdoor Recreation to Revitalize Rural Economies by Eric Scheuch

Modern Mobility for All: A Universal Ticket for New York City's Subway by Hannay Healey & Leopold Aschenbrenner

Real Tax Reform to Counter the Misguided Republican Tax Cuts by Brendan Moore

Harms of Corporate Consolidation: Expanding Anti-Trust Legislation to Combat Predatory Pricing by Stephanie Grove