America’s College Promise Proposal

By Nicole Felmus

This Tuesday, Roosevelt discussed the efficacy of President Obama’s America’s College Promise Proposal, as presented in his most recent State of the Union Address.

The discussion was very insightful, providing much discussion of the advantages and the disadvantages of a free community college education to people who fit certain requirements (being at least a part time student, having and maintaining a 2.5 GPA while in college, taking courses with credits transferable to a 4 year college or university, and having a household family income of less than $200,000). Many members expressed the necessity for community colleges to revamp their image. In addition, some members suggested moving classes away from the “liberal arts” track and moving them towards a “career ready” mindset. As a way of achieving this, members suggested collaborating with employers about the skills they want to see from degree earners entering the workforce.

At the end of the conversation, we seemed to reach a consensus that the best way to combat inequality and the systematic oppression of minorities was through investing in primary education programs that already exist, such as Head Start. While this sentiment persisted, several other members thought that providing community college could help fight inequality in the short term.

Thank you to all who came out! If you have any other thoughts about the meeting, please direct them to Education Center Director, Kunal Shah.