Private/ For-profit Prisons

Columbia’s Roosevelt Institute welcomed back members, new and old, on January 30th with a riveting discussion facilitated by Sam Place, Sharin Khander, and Nikita Singareddy on private/for-profit prisons. Resulting from the War on Drugs, increased use of incarceration, prison overcrowding and rising costs became increasingly problematic for local, state, and federal governments in the 1980s. Private prisons (jails, detention centers, etc.) were established by third parties to alleviate these burdens. But since its conception, for-profit/private prisons have raised concerns over the conflation of business and civil liberties. The fact sheet used at the meeting is attached below.
Roosevelt Institute For Profit Prisons Fact Sheet

UPDATE: After covering for-profit/private prisons at the Roosevelt Institute’s most recent meeting, a group of students submitted a letter to President Bollinger demanding an end to Columbia University’s roughly $8 million dollar investment in the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and other companies involved in the private prison industry.

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