Roosevelt at Columbia is led by a general board comprised of all the policy center directors as well as the executive board which consists of the President, Vice President, Journal Editor, Outreach Director, Treasurer, and Journal Editor. The executive board is elected on a yearly basis and the policy center directors are chosen by the executive board.

Executive Board

President: Lexie Lehmann

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Lexie Lehmann is a Senior in Columbia College majoring in Urban Studies and History. Lexie has been a member of Roosevelt for the past three years; she served as the Education Center Director during her sophomore year and founded/led the newly-formed Technology Center last Fall. Lexie is most interested in exploring the intersection between technology and public policy. Most recently, she explored this relationship as a Public Sector Intern for Amazon Web Services. Lexie hails from suburban Mass, which means she couldn’t wait to get out of the ‘burbs and into the hustle and bustle of NYC. You should ask her about who her favorite mayors are and why.

Vice-President: Sinead Hunt


Sinead is a senior at Barnard College majoring in Economics with a minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures. Originally from White Plains, NY, she moved to Shanghai when she was thirteen, where she attended Shanghai Community International School. Having once aspired to attend medical school, Sinead interned at the Early Brain Injury Recovery Clinic at the Burke Neurological Institute while still in high school. Her interest in medicine has since transformed into a passion for health policy and healthcare economics. She has held internships at the Office of Congresswoman Lowey (D-NY) and the NYC Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services. In her former role as Roosevelt's Healthcare Center Director, Sinead helped to organize a letter-writing campaign to advocate for the removal of sobriety restrictions from directing-acting antiviral (DAA) pre-prescribing guidelines in New York State.

Outreach Director: JiHoon Ko


JiHoon is a sophomore majoring in political science and history. He joined Roosevelt as a freshman and previously served as the Initiative Organizer for the Human Rights Center. JiHoon’s policy interests include criminal justice reform, urban development, and voting laws. He is excited to serve on the E-Board and ensure that Roosevelt has another successful year as leading student advocacy on campus. Outside of Roosevelt, JiHoon is a member of the club soccer team and a general Dodge Fitness Center enthusiast.

Secretary: Francesca Barasch


Francesca is a sophomore at Columbia College interested in studying history and Women's and Gender Studies. She hopes to pursue a career in political activism and is passionate about prison abolition. On campus, Francesca is a Peer Health Exchange Health Educator, secretary of PPGen, and a field organizer for ColumbiaVotes. Francesca loved contributing to Roosevelt Institute projects last year, such as the #BarnardNoAramark campaign, and she is excited to take on the role of secretary. Originally hailing from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Francesca loves New York City, feminist paraphernalia, and Diet Coke.

Treasurer: Iga Szlendak


Iga is a junior at Barnard College majoring in Political Science and Human Rights. She has previously been involved with the Human Rights Center, where she helped organize and launch the Barnard No Aramark campaign. This summer, Iga worked at the Legal Aid Society where she honed her passion for criminal justice reform and public interest work. Outside of Roosevelt, she is involved with the Barnard Criminal Justice Initiative and the French Cultural Society. When she’s not in Butler 616, Iga loves to watch Bon Appétit cooking videos, listen to French electronic music, and sip on a Joe’s Iced Chai.

Center Directors

Each one of our Policy Centers is led by a Policy Center Director. All Policy Center Directors are on the Roosevelt board and are in charge of leading their respective initiatives during the semester.

Economic Development: Geena Garcia


Geena is a sophomore at Barnard studying political science and history. She spent her first year in Roosevelt on the ACSRI for Barnard campaign, which she looks forward to leading this year. Outside of Roosevelt, she is a member of SGA, and has done intern and volunteer work for local campaigns and organizations in NYC and on Long Island. The daughter of an immigrant, she is most passionate about equitable immigration policy, and hopes to pursue a career in international relations and immigration law. She enjoys spending time with her younger brothers, listening to Kim Petras, babysitting, and running. She is from Westhampton Beach, New York.

Education: Avery Beard


Avery is a sophomore in Columbia College hoping to major in Human Rights and English. Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Avery became passionate about the use of policy to correct injustices in the modern world following her time in high school debate and the Senate Page Program. In her first year at Roosevelt, she worked with other members of the Education Center to create an Advisory Committee for Socially Responsible Investing at Barnard College. She hopes to continue this work in the upcoming school year, while studying the plans of 2020 candidates for financing higher education. This past summer, Avery interned at a product liability law firm, working on cases involving defective medical devices and opioids. In her free time, she enjoys watching college basketball games and A24 films, reading enough books to reach her annual Goodreads goal, giving tours on campus, and exploring the city with her friends in the search of good barbecue.

Energy & Environment: Morgan Margulies and Sasha Weber


Morgan Margulies is a sophomore at Columbia College studying political science and math. Morgan is an avid fan of the outdoors, which has translated into a passion for environmentalism. He has worked as an Our Climate Student Fellow and done research for the Low Carbon Fuels Coalition in Sacramento, California. His hobbies include being the Energy and Environment Center Co-Director, listening to music at its loudest volume, and mentioning his hometown in every conversation.


Sasha is a sophomore at Barnard majoring in Urban Studies with a concentration in Environment and Sustainability and minoring in Spanish. She is interested in the intersections between environmental and human rights issues, and hopes to collaborate with other Roosevelt Centers to create intersectional and inclusive initiatives. Outside of Roosevelt, Sasha is an Advising Fellow with Matriculate, the Volunteer Coordinator of Math Mentors, a BSAR, and a member of Barnard’s Sustainable Initiatives Consulting Board. In her free time, you can find Sasha with her friends, exploring the city, or drinking tea at Alice’s Tea Cup.

Foreign Policy: Catherine Serianni


Catherine is a student in CC hoping to double major in Psychology and Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies. She is interested in fusing social psychology and cultural/religious conflict studies and conflict resolution strategies, and hopes to conduct field-research in this area. She worked as a study coordinator for the Morton Deutsch Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution last summer, where she managed the study’s inner-workings and ran all tests. Catherine is interested in documentary filmmaking and enjoys utilizing film to convey complex emotions and stories. She hopes to connect her love of film to her initiatives the Foreign Policy Center by unpacking major foreign policy issues through the medium. When she wants to procrastinate, she can be found zumba-ing, eating in John Jay, and enjoying the fresh air where she can find it! If you are interested in connecting the arts with the Foreign Policy center, feel free to reach out to her at

Healthcare: Roxanna Pasquier


Roxanna Pasquier is a junior at Barnard College. Joining Roosevelt as a Biology major, Roxanna was immediately drawn to the Healthcare Center. While her academic focus has shifted to psychology and sociology, Roxanna remains a passionate advocate for progressive and equitable healthcare policy. This past spring, Roxanna co-led the healthcare center’s campaign to expand access to Hepatitis-C direct-acting antivirals. Moreover, Roxanna also serves on the campaign to establish an Advisory Council for Socially Responsible Investing (ACSRI) at Barnard College. When not at Roosevelt, Roxanna can be found enjoying the sunset over the Hudson River, pursuing her next adventure, or drinking coffee in the cold outside of Avery.

Human Rights: Gustie Owens


Gustie is a sophomore at Barnard College. She is from the Upper West Side and has been invested in their local politics since she started attending community board meetings when she was 12. At Columbia, she is an editor of the satirical newspaper, a writer for The Eye, and teaches art classes at a homeless shelter in the neighborhood. She previously held an internship at Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal’s office where in addition to researching legislation pertaining to the opioid crisis, she frequently worked with constituents who were facing eviction and other housing issues.

Technology: Annie Kim


Annie is a junior in Columbia College from Princeton, New Jersey and is majoring in information science (combining computer science with sociology) and art history. She is passionate about the deeply social challenges and opportunities of technology and most Wednesdays, you can find her pursuing this curiosity downtown at Data&Society. She is also an art-lover, and as the President of Artists Reaching out, she works to bring the arts to under-resourced public schools in Harlem. Annie sings in all-female a capella group Bacchantae as well as her funk band on campus but regardless of where she is, she really never stops singing. She loves all music, especially classical but also folk, so please send some good tunes her way!