About Technology:

Center Director: Annie Kim

Contact Information: annie.kim@columbia.edu

The Columbia University Roosevelt Institute’s Technology Center, led by Center Director Annie Kim, focuses on policy issues arising from the intersection of society and technology. Started in 2017, the Center was created in an effort to address a wave of high-stakes privacy violations, data breeches, and ethical oversights that since, have come to characterize our era of "big data" and "big tech." This fall, the Center will be running an initiative called, "the What and the Why." Pairing case studies of Computer Science programs at peer institutions with Columbia-specific design sprints, "the What and the Why" is mapping a path forward for Columbia to become a leader in not only teaching students "how" to code but also asking "why" they are coding and "what" kind of world they are building. With the belief that they will become the next generation of leaders in computer science themselves, the Technology Center is working to redefine what it means to be a leader in computer science today. By building a curriculum around this definition, the Center believes that Computer Science at Columbia can begin to leverage technology to build a more just and equal society and work actively against reinforcing the reinforcement of structural discrimination and inequity.

Previous Publications:

2018-2019 Roosevelt Review

Electronic IDs: Physical Protection for Metaphysical Data by Emma Cloyd

Governing CRISPR: Effectively Regulating Gene-Editing Technologies by Meredith Harris

China’s Great Firewall as an Economic Threat by Christopher Philogene

Tackling Interoperability of Health Information Technology by Sarah Lubin

2017-2018 Roosevelt Review

Smart City U: Urban Universities as Test Beds for Smart City Ventures by Lexie Lehmann