what is Roosevelt @ Columbia?

From center initiatives to policy writing, Roosevelt provides plenty of opportunities for members to expand their civic engagement.

Weekly Meetings

As as a progressive think tank, we are committed to not just analyzing problems but discussing pragmatic policy solutions. We host weekly discussions on issues that run the policy gamut. Most importantly, discussions are curated to engage everyone -- irrespective of previous knowledge on the subject. Fact sheets are provided at the beginning with background information, and Center Directors dedicate several minutes to providing a brief overview as well. At the end of every meeting, members may choose to share some final thoughts on their ideal policy action.

Policy Center Initiatives

In addition to weekly meetings, Roosevelt at Columbia also provides more focused opportunities for members. We are organized into eight Policy Centers that work on yearly and semesterly initiatives. Examples of previous initiatives include a student-led movement to include carbon neutrality in Columbia’s 2020 sustainability plan, a campaign to establish an Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing (ACSRI) at Barnard, and a boycott of Barnard’s dining halls.

Roosevelt Review Journal

Every year we publish the Roosevelt Review, our chapter’s policy journal. All Roosevelt members are highly encouraged to write a piece for the Roosevelt Institute for a center of their choosing. Usually, the policy pieces are written over winter break and edited through spring semester. Even if you do not have experience writing policy, that's totally okay! Most people do not. We provide policy-writing workshops and writers work closely with experienced Center Directors throughout the writing process.


Why join Roosevelt?

Roosevelt at Columbia provides the perfect balance between a rewarding academic challenge and a fun social atmosphere. Many Roosevelt members can tell you all about the amazing social networks and friends that they have made through Roosevelt. Whether discussing key issues during a weekly meeting or working closely with a small group on a policy initiative, you have countless opportunities to make long-lasting, like-minded friends.

There are also a variety of exciting opportunities and benefits available to Roosevelt members. Every two years we organize a lobbying trip to Washington D.C. in collaboration with Roosevelt chapters at Georgetown, George Washington University, and American University. Writing for the journal provides students with a great opportunity to publish their own work and start building a resume. Moreover, Roosevelt can provide a strong pre-professional background. Roosevelt members have a reputation for earning competitive internships in a variety of industries, including business, law, media, and public policy.


Just a snapshot of one of our meetings!

Just a snapshot of one of our meetings!

Roosevelt at Columbia provides the perfect balance between a rewarding academic challenge and a fun social atmosphere.”